Monday, January 12, 2015

Looking To Get Healthy - Check This Out

Looking for Frommykitchen - Nutribullet Reviews? Then read on and discover a revolutionary machine that simple kicks ass. One of the biggest advantages of the NutriBullet, it’s more effective and useful than either a blender or a juicer because of the nutrition extraction process. This extracting method is able to make delicious and healthy drinks from whole foods in less than a minute, and without the chunkiness or additional pulp. The result, you end up consuming pure super food. 

Whatever nutrients are present in the foods that you use in your machine, will also be present in the drinks that you create, thanks to the built in blade. 

Extracting The Nutrition

Some nutrition experts have pointed out that our bodies are not getting all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins from the healthy foods we eat. This is because we do not break the food down sufficiently. I don't claim to know whether that is 100 true or not, although I do find it somewhat concerning.

However, one of the reassuring features of this machine, is a concept known as nutrition extraction.
The NutriBullet actually enables you to get all the nutrients possible, that you would not be getting from food that had not been chewed properly. It does this by breaking down vegetables and fruits into a form in which they are easy to digest.

The blender also allows you to make your smoothie or drink more interesting by adding nuts to the blend, and the nuts are ground up into tiny pieces, with no larger pieces left. Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, pecans and walnuts all taste good in a NutriBlast, which is what the company calls the drink you create. 

Product Features

The following accessories and features come with the NutriBullet:
* A tall cup, into which your drink ingredients are added and then mixed.
* High torque power base
* Extractor blade
* Two additional cups with lids that can be resealed
* A recipe book and instruction book
* A pocket nutrition guide

Extracting Or Milling

The extractor blade would be used to make a NutriBlast, or drink of some type and the blade that comes with the device is able to give you a really smooth beverage. The following four steps demonstrate how easy it is to create your own delicious tasting smoothie or drink:

1) Place the desired ingredients into the tall cup
2) Attach the extractor blade to the top of the cup by twisting it on
3) Press the tall cup on to the power base, and turn the motor on by twisting
4) Watch the ingredients in the cup turn into a smooth drink right before your eyes.

The motor can then be turned off by twisting the cup to the left.

Dry foods can be turned into powder, by using the milling blade, and the process is similar to using the extractor blade to create a liquid. I have yet to make a powder with the milling feature, although I assume it will be just as easy to do. Almond flour is more nutritious than regular flour and contains fewer carbohydrates, and for this reason I have recently started to buy it. However, the milling feature on the NutriBullet now means that I can easily use a cup full of almonds to make my own almond flour. You can also check out more information at my site

Recipe Book And User Manual

Of course, you expect to have some kind of instruction book or user guide, but the fact that the NutriBullet also contains a recipe book and a guide telling you how to lose weight, is an added bonus. One of the things that I enjoy most about the device is experimenting and mixing and matching different ingredients to get an idea of which combinations turn out the best. I can combine a selection of seeds, powders, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Of course, the recipe book is great if you need some ideas or inspiration, or you simply do not feel like experimenting to see how it turned out. The recipe book is ideal if you just want a quick drink, with no added complications. My three favorite recipes form the recipe book are listed below:

The Internet is also a great place to find additional NutriBullet recipes, and some easy to make recipes, including a smoothie ideal for drinking after a workout, can be found in this article.

I had a juicer for many years, and although it achieved its purpose, it was big and clumsy, and rather hard to clean. I felt as though if I wanted just a small drink I was adding lots of foods to the mix, and of course, the juicer tended to create an excess of pulp which was something of a waste. The product does not have these problems, and I really enjoy using it.

Nothing is wasted when you use this advanced blender, and regardless of which foods you are using for your drink or smoothie, you get the benefit of 100 percent of the nutrients from the original foods.

It is wonderful that I am able to make a smoothie so quickly, and have virtually nothing to clean up or throw out. It is easy to clean bot the blades and the glasses, either in the dishwasher or by hand and it is also wonderful to only have two parts to clean, rather than 10, as the juicer had. All in all, I am very happy with my NutriBullet and have spent many happy hours creating and experimenting with it. I have had no problem at all with it and would say that it is one of the best kitchen devices I own.